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Salesman knocking on door

Beware: Security Scams

As a family owned, Big Bear company, we feel it is important to keep you and our community aware of issues within the alarm industry that could directly impact you. There is one issue in particular that has become a disturbing trend: Con artists posing as your alarm company. The details may change but the motivations are the same: to deceive you out of your money or property.

Watch out for these types of circumstances:

Thieves posing as Security Company Employees

Thieves may knock on your door and use the guise of pretending to be from All Protection in order to gain access to your home. Once inside, they could be casing your home with the intention to rob it later. Since they are representing themselves as an authority on security, it may not seem odd when they ask personal security related questions such as: how many people live there, what pets you have, and your security system details. This situation is worse when they are able to get their targets to place personal information on "company paperwork." This could leave you vulnerable to identity theft as well as property theft..

Unscrupulous Salespeople Acting Like Your Alarm Company

Fraudulent sales representatives are targeting alarm system owners more frequently now, knocking on doors with yard signs. They usually look very official and wear clothing with alarm insignia from Honeywell, Ademco, or Interlogix. They have varying stories they tell their victims. They may say that your alarm company went out of business, sold, or changed its name and they are there to help facilitate your system to its new ownership, or company name. They may say they are with All Protection Alarm and are there to upgrade or service your system. Often, they will put in a new security system and have you "update your contract." They will leave you with an inferior security system, a disreputable out of state security provider, and a costly long-term contract that may not include monitoring. Please know our employees wear easy to identify All Protection Alarm ID badges.

Phone Calls from Indentity Theft Experts

You may receive phone calls from people representing themselves as an alarm company, wanting to run a credit check for their services. Be sure not to give these individuals any information over the phone as they may be targeting you for identity theft.


  1. If you are approached from someone who is asking about your alarm system, call us immediately at 909-866-6586.

  2. Be aware that if any major changes with our company occur, we will notify you in a letter or email announcement. We would never show up unannounced at your door.

  3. If you receive a phone call from someone representing himself as All Protection Alarm, and you are unsure about it, please call us directly to verify with us. The most reliable conversation is the one you initiate yourself.

  4. Never let a door-to-door salesperson evaluate your alarm system.

Watching burglars and con artists use the very industry that is meant to protect people as a means to harm them is disturbing, but we can all help to decrease this type of fraudulent activity by remaining vigilant and alert. Please know that we always welcome your calls and enjoy hearing from you. It is always best to verify if you are ever in doubt.

Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by All Protection Alarm.

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