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How to Test Your Alarm System

It's springtime in Big Bear, which means many of us are catching up on our spring cleaning and annual maintenance chores. It's a good idea to add testing your alarm system to your To-Do list this season. We actually recommend that you test your alarm system monthly, but there is no time like spring to begin this simple routine. With this easy guide, you'll learn how to get it done in no time.

  1. Check Each Motion Sensor, and Window and Door Contact.

  2. First, simplify this by turning your chime on. Next, check to be sure your system is in READY mode, but DO NOT ARM your alarm system.

    Open each door and window that has a contact sensor on it, one by one, and wait to hear the chime. If you do not hear a chime for a sensor, open and close that window or door a few more times. If you do not get a consistent chime tone, please contact us. We may need to replace or re-position your sensor.

    To test your motion sensors, move around in front of each motion detector in your home, checking the alarm panel after each one to be sure it registered. You may need a friend or family member to move around in front of the motions as you stand by the panel display. You will not hear a chime for motion sensors, you will only see it register silently on the panel. Please call us if one of your sensors does not show up on your alarm panel while there is movement in front of it.

  3. Check Your Monitoring Communication

  4. In order to test your alarm communication, call our central station (have your password ready), and ask an operator to put your system in TEST mode. Explain that you will be sending a test signal from your alarm system.

    Now you can arm your security system. Set off the alarm by moving in front of a motion detector or opening a door. You will need to let the alarm sound for at least one minute, then you can disarm.

    Call our central station back and verify that the alarm registered okay. Be sure to cancel your TEST mode and put your system back on line.

    You're now done! We hope you found this process simple and easy. Monthly testing will give you greater peace of mind and security that everything is working well. Please call us if you have any questions about this process.

    Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by All Protection Alarm.

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