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Use Technology to Save Money

As technology evolves so do the opportunities to save money. Here are four of the most common ways Big Bear residents can use technology to cut expenses.

  1. Invest in Smart Home Technology

  2. Smart Home technology makes it easy to cut extra costs from your electricity bill. The primary method is to program your thermostat for smarter usage. Your thermostat uses more energy than any other item in your home. With Smart Home technology you can program different areas of your home to different temperatures to eliminate unnecessary energy usage. You can also set your thermostat to automatically adjust its usage based on the time of day. No need to waste energy heating or cooling your home at maximum usage rates while you're working or sleeping.

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    Smart Homes monitor more than just your thermostat. You can program lighting, appliances, and other electrical equipment to reduced energy usage as well. Many people run up their electric bills when they forget to turn off their lights or TV before going to bed at night. These issues can be resolved easily when you set everything to turn off automatically at night time. You can even program items like your Jacuzzi heater to run during off-peak hours to avoid being charged maximum rates from your energy company.

  3. Eliminate Cable TV

  4. Due to new services such as Netflix Streaming, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Apple TV and iTunes, people are finding it easier than ever to cancel or minimize their cable TV plans. You can watch almost every show using these types of online services. Access your favorite shows on network television (i.e. ABC and NBC) with a good outdoor antenna. You can even still record your favorite network TV shows using devices such as TiVo and Channel Master DVR. Take the time to examine your TV viewing habits and see if you can cut down or cut out that expensive cable bill.

  5. Stop Paying for a Landline

  6. Are you still paying that monthly bill for a landline? If so, this may be a good time to examine why. Many people keep it because they believe their security systems require a landline to call out to their monitoring station, but this is no longer true. You can update your alarm system to call out using wireless technology - a safer choice anyway. If you have other reasons to keep your landline, you may want to look into services such as Vonage and Ooma Telo, which offer similar landline features for much less.

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  7. Stop Investing in Hard Drives

  8. No need to buy that expensive computer because of its large storage space or invest in external hard drives. Cloud services such as Dropbox have changed everything. There are now many types of cloud storage services to choose from and specializations of storage depending on your needs. For instance, if you want to store your music in one location you can choose from iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, or Amazon Cloud Player. Just be sure to back up important files using a USB drive or CD.

    Taking the time to learn about available technologies today will give you countless opportunities to save money tomorrow.

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