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Valentine Thoughts:

How to Protect the Ones We Love

Every February in Big Bear brings the sale of enormous amounts of flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. There’s this great valentine rush to remind our loved ones we care about them. At All Protection Alarm, we show our feelings a little differently. We think of ways to keep our loved ones protected. Here are some simple tips to help keep your loved ones safe, not just in February, but all year round:

  1. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  2. Be sure you have an up-to-date Carbon Monoxide detector. Many people aren't aware that these detectors expire every 5 to 7 years. CO2 detectors are available at home improvement stores and simply plug into the wall, or you can add one to your existing security system to include 24 hour monitoring. Either way, it’s a must-have to protect your family from this invisible and odorless gas.

  3. Practice Fire Safety

  4. • Go over fire safety with your family regularly. Anyone is susceptible, and having a plan in place helps you protect your loved ones. Check out the Website, This kid friendly site shares fire safety tips to prepare you and your children how to respond in the event of a fire.

    Fire Safety Chart

    • Every home is equipped with smoke detectors, but what happens when no one is home? Security systems can be designed with monitored fire and smoke sensors so that the fire department responds whether you are home or not.

    • Finally, change your smoke detector batteries annually. Doing this will also save you from that inevitable 4am wake-up call caused by a detector's low battery.

  5. Outer Doors Need Strong Locks

  6. Homeowners usually remember to put bolt locks on front and back doors, but sometimes forget about the garage man door. This door often has a flimsy knob with a cheap lock, easily overcome with a credit card or screw driver. Every outer door needs a strong bolt lock. That said, not all bolt locks are created the same. Take the time to talk with your locksmith about getting the strongest bolt lock available. A locksmith knows the latest products that hold up under pressure, including high security strike plates and Don Jo deadbolt wrap-arounds.

  7. Garage Door Protection

  8. The overhead garage door is another vulnerable point of entry. Many have decorative windows along the top panel. What homeowner’s don't realize (but thieves do), is these glass panes are easily shattered, and a wire hanger or other device can then pull the garage door’s emergency release. If you are in the market for a new garage door, avoid windows. An option that has gained media attention is to put a zip tie through your emergency release to make it more difficult to release from the outside. While a deterrent, it is not a fix-all solution. With the proper tool, a thief can still pull hard enough on the lever itself to break the zip tie's hold. Many homeowners are unaware garage doors can be tied into their alarm systems. If the door is breached, the police are dispatched immediately to check on your home.

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While everyone else is rushing to buy stuffed teddy bears and balloons for their loved ones on Valentine's Day, why not offer a more sensible way to show you care? It may not be the most romantic thing to show up to your Valentine's Day dinner with an armful of deadbolt locks and smoke detector batteries, but she'll definitely feel protected, and know you care. Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by All Protection Alarm.

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