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We Sweat the Small Stuff

We recently called one of our customers on a simple power failure signal we had received from her alarm system. She was perplexed what the cause could be so she looked into her circuit breaker box to see if she could gain some clues. To her surprise, her circuit breaker itself was on fire! With quick action, she managed to extinguish the flames before they could do further damage.

She called us back and explained what had happened, thanking us for calling when we did. It turned out that our routine phone call on a simple trouble signal had helped her to save her home from a potentially damaging fire.

As a security company, we are accustomed to sending the police and fire departments to check on intrusion and fire alarms. These are the big calls. The calls that our customers never want to receive but are grateful for when a crisis strikes.

Fire truck responding to fire

The trouble signals generally receive less honor, and certainly, less thanks. It is more common to be asked: why? Why are we calling on a matter this small? Everyone wants to hear about the big alarms but when it's something as small as a low battery or an a/c failure, not everyone wants to be bothered with it.

Generally, trouble signals are just what they sound like. A little trouble. It could be a quick notice that your neighborhood power failure has put your alarm system into back-up battery mode or a signal that your panel isn't communicating with our monitoring center. Troubles are usually signals that your alarm system may need some attention before it can work optimally.

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After decades in this business, however, we've learned that trouble signals can also mean big trouble. Like the time a misinformed thief hoped to disable an alarm system by cutting off the power before attempting to break in to our customer's home. What started off as a small a/c fail quickly became several intrusion alarms . . . and a botched burglary attempt.

We may not always know the cause of your alarm system trouble signals but we will always let you know about them - only then can you determine if it's a small or large matter.

Whether your troubles are big or small, All Protection Alarm will be here for you either way.

Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by All Protection Alarm.

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