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Where is Your Panic Button?

Would you be able to quickly press your panic button if you needed to? Is it in a place where you can easily reach it? Often times, as the loose component to the alarm system, the panic button can get misplaced. Someone in your family may have thrown it in a junk drawer, not really sure what it is for. Or, you may have hidden it in the back of your closet, wanting to keep it out of the way of the kids. The panic button is the often ignored part of your alarm system because you only look for it when you need it. However, if you wait until you need it . . . it'll be too late. Take the time to think ahead about where to place your panic buttons.

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Which rooms do you occupy the most? Where in these rooms would be a good hiding place for your panic button? Remember, you want it to be hidden but also easily accessible. You can also use Velcro tabs to adhere your panic button under or behind almost any surface you can think of. Here are some examples of possible places that may work for you:

  1. Beside your bed.

  2. We spend a large portion of our time in our beds sleeping. This makes the bedroom a great candidate for a panic button. If you see an intruder in the middle of the night or your alarm starts going off, you can press your panic button which will dispatch the police immediately. The most common place for a panic button in the bedroom is the nightstand. Secure it in the top drawer or you can place the panic button behind a vase or clock (just be sure whoever dusts knows to be careful not to press it). You can also attach the panic button to the underside of your bed, being careful not to place it where someone could bump it while making the bed.

  3. Near your desk.

  4. Another popular room for a panic button is the home office. You can place it under your desk, in your top drawer, or amongst items on your bookshelf. You can also tuck it behind a book or decorative item that will hide it but still give you access to press it.

  5. In your safe or where your valuables are.

  6. No one wants to imagine a home invasion, but if you think about the possibilities, it can help you to find good locations for your panic button. What would an intruder want? They would most likely be after anything of value in your home which for many burglars means accessing your safe. If an intruder were forcing you to open your safe, having a panic button nearby or inside the safe itself, could be the lifeline you need to alert the police of your situation.

  7. In the kitchen.

  8. Out of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is by far the most used. This makes it both a perfect and also problematic place for a panic button. It's perfect because the chances that you could be in the kitchen or could make it there during an intrusion are good. However, the volume of traffic in the kitchen creates a higher probability that someone could press the button accidentally. If you place a panic button in the kitchen, be sure to place it in an area where someone cannot accidentally touch it, like under a counter top. If you place it under a cabinet, be sure to place it further towards the back and slightly out of reach.

  9. Main living areas.

Consider all of your main living areas. Where do you and your family spend most of your time? Look for areas where you can hide a panic button but still reach it easily. Some ideas are behind a picture frame, under a corner side table, or behind the t.v.

The main thing when considering where to place your panic button, is that you remember where it is. You want to keep it hidden, but not from yourself. Spend some time on this now and your panic button will be there for you later. It's also a good idea to test your panic button along with your alarm system regularly. If you're not sure how, you can call us or read our helpful article, "How to Test Your Alarm System" (Link Here).

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